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GreatState.net is THE resource about the Great State of Texas!

Here, you will find access to almost everything Texas has to offer...from sports and entertainment to real estate and business opportunities. We will offer information about the State Flower...places to find Great barbeque...sites for wonderful bird watching...everthing you can imagine. If you want information about the population of Texas towns, cities, and counties, this is the place. Need to know something about today's weather...or the history of the biggest storms to strike the state? This is the place! Need to know who represents you in the Texas Legislature...or a bit about the college and university system in Texas? Look for it here!

We're just beginning the process of making GreatState.net into the single most comprehensive resource about Texas...so there will be plenty more. Tell us what you like...what you don't...and what you want to see on this site. It's yours! We're looking forward to being your single best resource about Texas...whether you live here or used to live here, want to move here, have relatives here, or just want to experience the Great State!


Here's what you need to do to make sure GreatState.net has everything you want and need. Just send us an email to info@greatstate.net!


Send us an email with your favorite barbeque spot in Texas. Here are the rules.

  • No big chain restaurants...no more than 2 restaurants in the "chain:
  • Tell us...do you like it with sauce or not?
  • Is it spicy...or REALLY spicy?!
  • Tell us why you like it...and where it is and, if possible, how we can contact the place!

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This site is all about Texas...and everything Texas has to offer! We hope you take some time to peruse every area that may be of interest to you, and that you let us know what else you might like to see here. We're dedicated to the Great State of Texas, and we invite you to help us make this site the most comprehensive exploration of Texas on the web!